We haven’t had anything to do with Adjudication before, but earlier this year a builder waited until right at the end of a job to give us a payment schedule refusing to pay our payment claim, which was worth more than $200,000.00.

We tried the relationship road, but the builder was avoiding our calls and when I spoke with our accountant about debt collectors he recommended that we try adjudication instead, and referred me to AdjudiCare.

When AdjudiCare checked our payment claim, it turned out it wasn’t a BCIPA claim (even though I thought I had done it right) and we needed to put in a fresh one. I was glad to be guided through this process, and when it came time to prepare our adjudication application, AdjudiCare were able to engage solicitors as our agent for a really good rate – and again I was glad to let someone else worry about dealing with all of that.

When we lodged our adjudication application, suddenly the builder wanted to negotiate. Because we knew we had a good adjudication application, we went into the negotiations confidently and we ended up settling our payment claim for an amount a bit less than our claimed amount.

AdjudiCare helped us to withdraw our adjudication application, and the solicitor made sure the deed of settlement that we signed wouldn’t backfire on us.

In the end we avoided adjudicator’s fees, we got paid much faster than waiting for an adjudicator’s decision, and we kept our name off the BCIPA decisions website.



We are a builder that has specialised in multi-unit residential building for several decades with very good client relationships. Unfortunately (as word has spread of my imminent retirement) we have had no end of issues with clients attempting to dodge paying out our final retention on projects, and principal contractors short paying our final claims for projects that we subcontracted to them on.

Its not how we wanted to operate, but we have had to take five adjudications in the last twelve months to recover amounts between $5,000.00 and $100,000.00, and on each occasion, I’ve relied on the expertise of AdjudiCare to get me an outcome.

Michelle worked side by side with my accounts manager to gather our documentation, and to prepare our adjudication applications. It was so nice to deal with an industry professional that actually understood the nature of our business, as opposed to engaging a debt collector – or worse, a lawyer that doesn’t understand industry practice.

We were able to successfully recover the full amount on four out of the five adjudications, and on the fifth adjudication both parties made some concessions and we recovered more than 75% of our claimed amount.
I have to say that the ins and outs of the BCIPA are still a mystery to me, but I am glad that I could simply make use of the claims consultants to bring in the bad debts and get on with being retired.



We are a very small family business, and we had been working with the same builder for a few years over multiple jobs. We had a really good relationship with them so we were  disappointed when we had to resort to adjudication to recover some retention money. The retention was for a really small amount (less than $10,000.00) and we knew that getting solicitors involved would ruin our relationship with the builder – not to mention cost more than the debt that we were chasing.

We had no idea how to go about the adjudication process, so a friend referred us to AdjudiCare, and they helped us to navigate the process so that we didn’t accidentally compromise our position by making an administrative error.

We were able to keep fees to a minimum by preparing our Payment Claim, 20A Notice and Adjudication Application ourselves, but having AdjudiCare check it and make the required changes to make sure we complied.

We ended up lodging our adjudication application and served a copy on the Builder, and within days the builder simply paid!!!

We couldn’t have been happier, although we had to go to the effort of putting in an adjudication application, we know that the builder wouldn’t have paid unless we followed through with the process, and it worked out that we were able to withdraw in time to avoid adjudicator’s fees.

We never thought we would have to use BCIPA to get paid, but since we did, we would definitely recommend AdjudiCare to anyone who is chasing a payment and doesn’t want the headache of navigating the process alone



We used to be a really small concreting company, but in recent years our business has grown really quickly. Our turnover was increasing so fast that I knew I needed to hire a Contract Administrator to keep on top of all of our payment claims and retention money.

I knew that when I hired a Contract Administrator for our company that they would need to be BCIPA savvy so that we could make sure our paperwork complied.

I had come across Michelle a few years back when she was a contract administrator working in Brisbane, and after tracking her down I was able to engage her to do some BCIPA training with me and my staff. We are glad she did because we have had to make use of that training in recent months by suspending work under the BCIPA for builders who were holding our payment claims to prop up their own cash flow.

So far the services have protected our cash flow greatly even just by utilising the suspending work procedure, and although we haven’t had to use adjudication yet, it’s nice to know that if we do, our systems are in place and Michelle and AdjudiCare are there to help.